Saturday, November 16, 2013

Erin, Rob, Aubrey and Ryan

I can't say enough good things about our next door neighbors Erin and Rob and their kids, Aubrey and Ryan. We moved into our neighborhood 3 years ago and Erin and Rob have been the most welcoming and pleasant neighbors that we have ever had. Brayden has practically grown up with their daughter Aubrey and at times Aubrey plays the "big sister" role. Little Ryan will get to grow up with Tristan (they were practically born a week apart). There have been many moments where we have looked out for each other and to have someone next door to me who is willing to be that type of neighbor is priceless. Cole and I are greatful to have friends (who we consider to be practically family) in the neighborhood. Cole and I met up with Erin and Rob and the kids at the famous Chesapeake Locks Park (we can't seem to get enough of this park - so many good spots for photos). Although it was windy and cold, we were still able to get some warm smiles and capture some awesome moments! We had plenty of fun that day and a few photo-bombing opportunities came from Brayden (thanks buddy!).
Thank you Rob and Erin for being awesome neighbors and friends! We very much appreciate having you all around!
Here is a little preview of our day together:
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tracy, Patrick, Payton and Jake

Tracy, Patrick and the kids are part of the awesome "Culpepper Landing Family". Tracy contacted me and was looking for a good time for pictures and what better time than now as the Fall Season takes over. The evening prior to our shoot it poured and the morning of our shoot the weather was not looking cooperative. It is amazing how the weather can make such a great turn around. One minute it was cloudy and drizzling rain and an hour later - sunshine!!! We went to the Chesapeake Locks Park where the leaves and trees had turned over perfectly and the ground was blanketed with leaves. The kids (Payton and Jake) had an awesome time plowing through the leaves and even got a little dirty (sorry mom and dad). I enjoyed every moment of the shoot as everything turned out great and the weather was awesome. Thank you Patrick and Tracy for the opportunity to hang out with you and the kids. Check out a short preview of our day below!

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 photo 2-58.jpg
 photo 3-59.jpg
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brayden!

Three years ago, Cole gave me the greatest gift of my life - she gave birth to my first son Brayden. Anyone who really knows Brayden can truely agree that he was a difficult boy, but there wasn't one day where he didn't make you smile. Like all kids Brayden has rough days and awesome days, but at the end of the day I will always have an unconditional love for my little buddy. I remember the day he was born and the many weeks thereafter like it was yesterday - his colic symptoms, constant crying, neediness, diaper blowouts, silly laughs, attitudes, wrestling games, his love for applesauce and green beans... and on and on. Today, I can carry a normal conversation with him and I just become amazed more and more by how fast he is growing up. I remember the other night he had a bad dream. He woke up in the morning and I asked him, "Did you have a bad dream?". He said, "Yes". I told him that bad dreams weren't real and when he wakes up with me he would be OK. The next night he says, "Daddy, I won't have bad dreams when I'm with you?" I tell him, "Buddy, I will always protect you from bad dreams". He says, "OK" and passes out. I'll always remember that moment and cherish every moment with him for the rest of my life. Love you buddy... you are my best friend. Happy Birthday!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scott, Patty and Blake

I first met Scott, Patty and little Blake a couple years ago when we moved into our neighborhood. Over the years, we have watched Blake sprout and become the super funny and bright kid that he is today. I can't and probably won't ever get enough of Blake. A few weeks ago, Blake and a few of the neighborhood kids were playing at Brayden's sand table and Blake looks at me and says, "Hey, I love Brayden's tractors and excavators. They are so awesome and cool!" I tell him, "Well, thanks!". He looks at me again and says "My parents bought me a skateboard when I was 10". I start laughing and say "Oh, 10 years old huh? I didn't know you were that old!". He proceeds to say, "I can't get anymore toys until Christmas. Christmas is in 2 Sundays from now." I tell Blake, "Oh man. I guess I need to get my shopping started ASAP." I could go on and on about our conversation that day, but would end up writing a book. So onto the details of the shoot. I met up with Scott, Patty and Blake at The Deep Creek Lock Park and we had some good times. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and thankfully there was no humidity. There were some great "Momma's little boy" moments and some hilarious "daddy's little joker" moments as well. Overall, it was a great family session and an enjoyable experience! Thanks Patty and Scott for hanging out until the sun practically set. I hope you enjoy your photos! Check out a preview of our day below:
 photo 1-55.jpg
 photo 2-57.jpg
 photo 4-56.jpg
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 photo 5-58.jpg
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mason and Avery

So I live in an AWESOME up and coming neighborhood with lots of families and people who I consider to be great friends of mine. I offered to do a shoot for one of the families in my neighborhood and I was glad they accepted the offer - they have two awesome kids :) We took Mason and Avery to Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake (which by the way is a good place for a peaceful run/walk) and had some fun. From silly faces to karate poses to big brother back-rides - it was good times! Thanks to Katie for giving us the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Mason and Avery and we hope you enjoyed your breakfast after! Check out a preview of their shoot below....

 photo 1-54.jpg
 photo 2-56.jpg
 photo 3-57.jpg
 photo 5-57.jpg
 photo 4-55.jpg
 photo 10-46.jpg
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Vu Family

For those of you who follow me, you all know the Vu's are family. My older sister, Jen, came to me with a special request a few weeks ago. Her oldest kid was going off to college and she wanted one more family shoot. I have two boys and I couldn't imagine the nervous feelings I would have when the big "college" day comes. So without hesitation, I had to do this one. We were off to Botanical Gardens for the shoot and boy was it a humid day. Despite the sweat dripping down my body, it was an awesome shoot! It's always great to see the kids grow up - it's just a reminder of how much older I am getting :)

Special thanks to Brent Ruffy for his assist on this one. Brent is an aspiring photographer who has some great talent. We sweated together on this one and I think at one point I might have sweated on him :) Thanks Brent!!

 photo Untitled-1-1.jpg
 photo 2-55.jpg
 photo 3-56.jpg
 photo 4-54.jpg
 photo 5-56.jpg
 photo 6-55.jpg
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