Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scott, Patty and Blake

I first met Scott, Patty and little Blake a couple years ago when we moved into our neighborhood. Over the years, we have watched Blake sprout and become the super funny and bright kid that he is today. I can't and probably won't ever get enough of Blake. A few weeks ago, Blake and a few of the neighborhood kids were playing at Brayden's sand table and Blake looks at me and says, "Hey, I love Brayden's tractors and excavators. They are so awesome and cool!" I tell him, "Well, thanks!". He looks at me again and says "My parents bought me a skateboard when I was 10". I start laughing and say "Oh, 10 years old huh? I didn't know you were that old!". He proceeds to say, "I can't get anymore toys until Christmas. Christmas is in 2 Sundays from now." I tell Blake, "Oh man. I guess I need to get my shopping started ASAP." I could go on and on about our conversation that day, but would end up writing a book. So onto the details of the shoot. I met up with Scott, Patty and Blake at The Deep Creek Lock Park and we had some good times. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and thankfully there was no humidity. There were some great "Momma's little boy" moments and some hilarious "daddy's little joker" moments as well. Overall, it was a great family session and an enjoyable experience! Thanks Patty and Scott for hanging out until the sun practically set. I hope you enjoy your photos! Check out a preview of our day below:
 photo 1-55.jpg
 photo 2-57.jpg
 photo 4-56.jpg
 photo 3-58.jpg
 photo 5-58.jpg
 photo 6-57.jpg
 photo 7-53.jpg
 photo 11-42.jpg
 photo 8-50.jpg
 photo 9-45.jpg
 photo 10-47.jpg
 photo 13-35.jpg
 photo 12-35.jpg

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