Saturday, November 16, 2013

Erin, Rob, Aubrey and Ryan

I can't say enough good things about our next door neighbors Erin and Rob and their kids, Aubrey and Ryan. We moved into our neighborhood 3 years ago and Erin and Rob have been the most welcoming and pleasant neighbors that we have ever had. Brayden has practically grown up with their daughter Aubrey and at times Aubrey plays the "big sister" role. Little Ryan will get to grow up with Tristan (they were practically born a week apart). There have been many moments where we have looked out for each other and to have someone next door to me who is willing to be that type of neighbor is priceless. Cole and I are greatful to have friends (who we consider to be practically family) in the neighborhood. Cole and I met up with Erin and Rob and the kids at the famous Chesapeake Locks Park (we can't seem to get enough of this park - so many good spots for photos). Although it was windy and cold, we were still able to get some warm smiles and capture some awesome moments! We had plenty of fun that day and a few photo-bombing opportunities came from Brayden (thanks buddy!).
Thank you Rob and Erin for being awesome neighbors and friends! We very much appreciate having you all around!
Here is a little preview of our day together:
 photo 1-57.jpg
 photo 2-59.jpg
 photo 3-60.jpg
 photo 4-58.jpg
 photo 5-60.jpg
 photo 6-59.jpg
 photo 7-55.jpg
 photo 8-52.jpg
 photo 9-47.jpg
 photo 10-49.jpg
 photo 11-44.jpg
 photo 12-37.jpg

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