Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tracy, Patrick, Payton and Jake

Tracy, Patrick and the kids are part of the awesome "Culpepper Landing Family". Tracy contacted me and was looking for a good time for pictures and what better time than now as the Fall Season takes over. The evening prior to our shoot it poured and the morning of our shoot the weather was not looking cooperative. It is amazing how the weather can make such a great turn around. One minute it was cloudy and drizzling rain and an hour later - sunshine!!! We went to the Chesapeake Locks Park where the leaves and trees had turned over perfectly and the ground was blanketed with leaves. The kids (Payton and Jake) had an awesome time plowing through the leaves and even got a little dirty (sorry mom and dad). I enjoyed every moment of the shoot as everything turned out great and the weather was awesome. Thank you Patrick and Tracy for the opportunity to hang out with you and the kids. Check out a short preview of our day below!

 photo 1-56.jpg
 photo 2-58.jpg
 photo 3-59.jpg
 photo 4-57.jpg
 photo 5-59.jpg
 photo 6-58.jpg
 photo 7-54.jpg
 photo 8-51.jpg
 photo 9-46.jpg
 photo 10-48.jpg
 photo 11-43.jpg
 photo 12-36.jpg

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