Friday, August 30, 2013

Mason and Avery

So I live in an AWESOME up and coming neighborhood with lots of families and people who I consider to be great friends of mine. I offered to do a shoot for one of the families in my neighborhood and I was glad they accepted the offer - they have two awesome kids :) We took Mason and Avery to Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake (which by the way is a good place for a peaceful run/walk) and had some fun. From silly faces to karate poses to big brother back-rides - it was good times! Thanks to Katie for giving us the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Mason and Avery and we hope you enjoyed your breakfast after! Check out a preview of their shoot below....

 photo 1-54.jpg
 photo 2-56.jpg
 photo 3-57.jpg
 photo 5-57.jpg
 photo 4-55.jpg
 photo 10-46.jpg
 photo 6-56.jpg
 photo 7-52.jpg
 photo 8-49.jpg
 photo 9-44.jpg

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