Friday, August 30, 2013

Mason and Avery

So I live in an AWESOME up and coming neighborhood with lots of families and people who I consider to be great friends of mine. I offered to do a shoot for one of the families in my neighborhood and I was glad they accepted the offer - they have two awesome kids :) We took Mason and Avery to Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake (which by the way is a good place for a peaceful run/walk) and had some fun. From silly faces to karate poses to big brother back-rides - it was good times! Thanks to Katie for giving us the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Mason and Avery and we hope you enjoyed your breakfast after! Check out a preview of their shoot below....

 photo 1-54.jpg
 photo 2-56.jpg
 photo 3-57.jpg
 photo 5-57.jpg
 photo 4-55.jpg
 photo 10-46.jpg
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Vu Family

For those of you who follow me, you all know the Vu's are family. My older sister, Jen, came to me with a special request a few weeks ago. Her oldest kid was going off to college and she wanted one more family shoot. I have two boys and I couldn't imagine the nervous feelings I would have when the big "college" day comes. So without hesitation, I had to do this one. We were off to Botanical Gardens for the shoot and boy was it a humid day. Despite the sweat dripping down my body, it was an awesome shoot! It's always great to see the kids grow up - it's just a reminder of how much older I am getting :)

Special thanks to Brent Ruffy for his assist on this one. Brent is an aspiring photographer who has some great talent. We sweated together on this one and I think at one point I might have sweated on him :) Thanks Brent!!

 photo Untitled-1-1.jpg
 photo 2-55.jpg
 photo 3-56.jpg
 photo 4-54.jpg
 photo 5-56.jpg
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I'm Baaaaccckkkkkk!!!! :)

About a year and 1/2 ago, I left the photography business behind. There comes a time in everyone's life where you learn to focus on what is important. When Nicole and I had out first son, we realized that nothing was about us anymore. Everything was about our family. I don't ever regret putting my addiction to photography on hold for my family. There was something about putting my son to bed at night and watching episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that was more fulfilling than photography.

Well, it is 2013 and I now have another son - Tristan Justin Calma. Adding a second kid to the picture CHANGES THE WHOLE GAME. We thought we had Brayden figured out (and we did) but we surely don't have Brayden AND Tristan figured out at the same time. So what I am doing blogging rather than sleeping? I just wanted to let everyone know that "I'm Back!". So what's different? What happened to the family focus? Nothing changed in regards to family time and its importance. Cole and I have gotten better at balancing everything and I've realized that I just couldn't put photography away forever. I am easing back into this photography thing and will take it from there. It is an exciting time for me as I have had the photography itch for a looonnngg time. I can't wait to get up and running again!!

We will post our work on this blog until we can get the website back up. If you are interested in a photo session, email me at