Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Vu Family

For those of you who follow me, you all know the Vu's are family. My older sister, Jen, came to me with a special request a few weeks ago. Her oldest kid was going off to college and she wanted one more family shoot. I have two boys and I couldn't imagine the nervous feelings I would have when the big "college" day comes. So without hesitation, I had to do this one. We were off to Botanical Gardens for the shoot and boy was it a humid day. Despite the sweat dripping down my body, it was an awesome shoot! It's always great to see the kids grow up - it's just a reminder of how much older I am getting :)

Special thanks to Brent Ruffy for his assist on this one. Brent is an aspiring photographer who has some great talent. We sweated together on this one and I think at one point I might have sweated on him :) Thanks Brent!!

 photo Untitled-1-1.jpg
 photo 2-55.jpg
 photo 3-56.jpg
 photo 4-54.jpg
 photo 5-56.jpg
 photo 6-55.jpg
 photo 7-51.jpg

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