Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tristan - Smash the Cake Fun!!

This was my first informal smash the cake session with my 1 year old son Tristan and we enjoyed every bit of it! I'm thinking that he probably had more fun than we did. Before filling you in on the details of this session, I wanted to talk a little about Tristan. First off, I'm going to admit that he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to manage than Brayden ever was. He barely cries and throws tantrums, he is so independent, and even though he can't talk yet he keeps the complaints down to a minimum. Even though Cole and I sit back every now and then and think "What have we done!?!?!?", Tristan and Brayden continue to make us smile every minute of the day. Watching two boys bond and get into everything together is amusing and painful at times, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. I always tell Brayden that he is my best friend. I consider Tristan to be my best "little" friend. Without my two sons (and wife of course), I wouldn't be who I am today.

Now back to the session! Speaking of Brayden, we ended up having to usher him away from the session because the kid brother jealousy kicked in and he decided to pop all of Tristan's balloons. It didn't phase Tristan though, he kept it going. Like any curious human, Tristan was a little unsure of what he was allowed to do. Once he figured it was OK to destroy the cake, he plowed through it! What better way to celebrate his 1st birthday then to let him cause destruction to a cake and my neighbor's yard (by the way, thanks to Scott for letting Tristan drop blue cake all over your yard). Eventually, the cake was a pile of blue mush and Tristan realized he was a mess. He cried about frosting in his eye and that's when we knew it was bath and bed time.

I loved every moment with Tristan that day. Having a second little guy in my life is a whole new ball game, but I love everything about him....

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